Our Specialty

We have segmented our services into the following categories. Our entry level service, the Inspection Code, is included on every maintenance quote. It can be supplemented with add on codes of your choice and can be modified at any time. Our codes are priced for all types of entrance equipment and a detailed quote will be provided following an initial site visit. 



INSPECTION CODES (As low as $25.00/door)

This is our base platform to which other services can be added. Includes a thorough visual inspection and testing of all types of entrance equipment accompanied with a digital inspection report with our findings and recommendations. Businesses that utilize their own maintenance department benefit from having a regular professional inspection that they can maintain their equipment from. Property managers often utilize this service when buildings change tenants and the Inspection Report offers a baseline for equipment requirements.

LUBRICATION CODES (As low as $4.00/door)

Includes a thorough lubrication of all moving parts including all head shaft components. We only use premium non silicone based lubricants. 

SERVICE and ADJUSTMENT CODES (As low as $8.00/door)

Includes service and minor adjustments to equipment. This typically includes tightening and adjusting loose tracks, hardware and head shaft components. It will also include operator adjustments such as clutch and brake settings. 


A base product catalog is included on the initial inspection. Our advanced product catalogs include a complete catalog of the entire equipment selected including serial numbers, makes, models, spring dimensions, hardware specifications and all relevant measurements. The catalog system will give you manufactures maintenance recommendations and in the event of an emergency, response times will be quicker with the required parts for repair. 


Custom Inspection Services available upon request.

After the initial inspection, we work with you to schedule regular maintenance with the best package chosen from the above services.