The main difference between R and U values when it comes to garage doors is the fact that the R-Value is used to determine the thermal resistance that the door can hold. In other words, it is the difference in temperature between the heat flux and the insulator. This is ultimately determined by the thickness and type of materials used to construct the door itself. The higher the number, the higher the resistance. The U-Value refers to the flow of heat through the insulated area into the larger space. These are the two main factors that companies look at when installing a garage onto a home. The homeowner would need to consider these instruments when developing a budget for bills. A lower R-Value can seriously impact your electricity bill and the overall state of living in the home in the winter and summer months causing your heat and air to run longer and harder to heat or cool the home efficiently.

For Canadians, installing the right door for their garage is an important factor when it comes to the overall presentation of their homes and functionality. There are a lot of garage door types to choose from so it is important that the doors are appropriate for the situation and is regularly maintained.

The aesthetics of the door for the garage is not the only important factor to think about – its cost, durability, insulation rating and functionality should also be a consideration when choosing the right door for the garage. Because of these categories, making a choice becomes a difficult task. 

With weather conditions changing so often these days around the world, it's important to be prepared for the possibility of anything this winter in whatever area of Canada you call home. Many areas are likely to experience normal or only slightly abnormal weather. Yet, weather forecasters have predicted that other areas might go through an abnormally mild period followed by some of the coldest and harshest winter conditions seen in years. Your garage is one of several resources that you must rely upon this winter. As a result, you need to prepare it for any eventuality. Follow these steps: